Automated Fitness and Nutrition Plans for Stricct’s Users

Stricct Fitness met us in the spring of 2016. At the time, their business was a growing, but still manual, operation. Centered around individually-tailored meal and workout plans, Stricct desperately needed a better platform to engage more users and cut down on the time required to create and deliver their custom plans.

Co-founder and CEO, Darrell Sims, envisioned an iOS app that delivers customizable plans to users, based on their individual goals.

Development Challenge

The Stricct Fitness iOS app would be nothing without the equally important Rails application we built in support. Housing all of the user data and package customizations, our Rails team built a sturdy web-based application to handle the data-intensive parts of this project. Both apps "talk" to each other regularly between API endpoints and share all of the important meal and exercise information that keeps users going.


The code base of the Stricct mobile app has evolved as we have versioned out the app. Most recently, we made the switch to Realm, an open-source object database management system. Realm allowed us to build our code more fluidly and run the application cleaner, making the user-growth phase of the company run much more smoothly.

Our Solution

The resulting product for Stricct Fitness is a beautifully designed iOS app that gives each user individually customized meal and workout plans. The Stricct Fitness app helps users meet health and fitness goals by taking the user through the process of selecting a “goal package” that fits their needs, managing grocery and exercise plans, participating in workout videos, engaging with growth metrics over time and customizing app settings to continually match preferences and conquer goals.

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