August 13, 2020

8 Questions Every Digital Product Agency Should Ask Clients

Hannah Geesey

Content Strategist

Sitting down with a new client is exciting. We’re on the cusp of building something new together, and in time, problems will be solved, and customers will be delighted. 

A project’s timeline, cost and overall success, though, is determined by the questions you ask (or don’t ask) at the beginning of the process. We’ve learned that taking the time to ask well thought out questions that seek to understand the brand, the user, the strategy and the unique value this proposed product brings to the market are equally as important as understanding the technical requirements and features needed. 

In the spirit of saving great ideas from never happening, or awesome products from a missed target market, we’re sharing a few of the questions that we talk through with new clients in hopes that it will serve you and save missed opportunities or lost hours in your email inbox.  

To get the ball rolling, here are three from our list. 

1. How would you describe your company’s voice as a brand?

This question often helps us more than asking about a company’s values because these adjectives tap into emotion and aspiration, helping drive design and content (and they typically aren’t on the website already!). 

Exploring this with a client also allows us to create an app that’s not only more human-centered but ultimately an asset to the company’s overall marketing and brand. 

2. What value does this product bring to the market?

To have a product that engages and converts users, there has to be value created. We want to help our clients identify what that value is so that we know how to better think about the product’s position, features and future. 

Another way to think about this question is to ask, “what problem are you solving?” for your customers or clients. Start with the physical or practical need that it meets, and then take it a step further by asking what “felt need” you might be able to meet and the product is far more likely to see lasting results. 

3. What's the immediate vision of this tool and what's the potential vision? Essentially, what is it now and what could it be?

Ideas that don’t have goals turn into expensive and time-consuming projects, with a likely chance that you’ll miss your target market altogether.

If a client tells us where they hope to go, and what they hope to accomplish, we’re better able to dream and strategize on the how. This also creates space for us to identify potential areas for growth or extra revenue through a product when we’re thinking about the big picture before we dive into the nitty-gritty of technical details. 

Whether we’re working with an established Fortune 100 company or a brand new start-up, we have found that asking these questions (in addition to a few others) allow us to craft not only a strong gameplan for the technical side of product development but for the strategy and design of the app, as well. 

To see the rest of our 8 questions and have a strong starting list for your own product discovery meetings, you can download our free pdf below.