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Republic Property Group has developed real estate projects with a value in excess of $7 billion across eight states. RPG has a proven track record in all facets of the development process, from site selection and financial analysis to planning, development and management.

Design and Development Needs

Prior to meeting CrateBind, Republic Property Group had previously spent many months and several thousands of dollars on developing their Builder Portal. We teamed up with RPG in the fall of 2017 to help them not only finish out their project but also speed up, enhance and build out a number of new features.

RPG's main needs were two-fold: making the Builder Portal (1) faster and more user-friendly for builders and their staff, as well as (2) building an intuitive and robust dashboard for reporting needs.

Prototype Process

We started the design process by collecting requirements from different builders, salespersons and RPG staff who use this product. The low-fidelity wireframes allowed us to be on the right track with users. In the prototype, we introduced a navigation by sorting various data tables from the home screen to certain tab bars, only highlighting the most necessary graph charts that managers needed to access. The rest of the detailed information is arranged in an accordion-style layout.

We used Invision to communicate with the Republic Property Group managers to get more accurate feedback while developing the front end for the dashboard. Once we felt the staging process was ready, we used to put it in front of people and continue to improve our designs.

The Development Process

By using React, we were able to build RPG's site with reusable components to construct the UI. This allows for the project to continue to scale more quickly and be easily maintained in the future. The biggest advantage of using React is to speed up rendering dynamic data, especially when implementing RPG's Anti-monotony filter. We have the ability to seamlessly apply real-time filters for selecting homes on the portal's map view.

"When we inherited RPG's project, we immediately saw a need to improve the site's performance. Because of the data-heavy app, we decided using a javascript library, such as React, was the best solution. This drastically improved performance, user-experience and user feedback for all the various levels of users in the app." - Austin, CrateBind Frontend Developer

After the Launch

After deploying the sleeker React code and updating Dashboard, RPG immediately saw positive user feedback and were able to easily compile more builder data for future use. While RPG is still in the infancy stage of taking their product to market they have found  success internally using their Builder Portal in two of their own developments.

"CrateBind has been a lifesaver for us. Their creativity and effective structure has allowed us to build fantastic software without breaking the bank. Our project manager is on top of his deadlines and they are thoughtful of our budget. We have already brought them more projects to help us within our short relationship." - Todd Schoenfeld, Republic Property Group

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