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Our end-to-end process is nuanced and nimble, allowing us to take any digital product from vision to reality.

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Define the problem
Client discovery, market research, product strategy

Our team gets to know your brand, goals and challenges. We perform research to understand the market, specifically your customers and competitors. Using a number of tools and frameworks, our team solidifies a product strategy that informs the whole process. This can include a market analysis, user personas and a StoryBrand script that sets direction for product marketing and the product itself.

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Create a solution
Brand design, messaging, UI/UX design

We combine content and design to create a refined interface and intuitive experience for users. With every product, we put in place a design system that preserves and propels your brand. There are many companies we work with to establish messaging and a new identity. Moving from lo-fi wireframes to hi-fi wireframes, we end with a prototype that gives us a firm understanding of the product and allows us to scope development.

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Build an experience
Web and mobile development, automated testing, continuous integration

We first scope the requirements and features of the product to understand what we are building and to plan our work. In sprints, we then take the content and design and set it into motion, with front-end and back-end development. Throughout development, we will continually test and integrate the product, ensuring that the software is running smoothly and effectively and ready for deployment.

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Launch the product
Product positioning, continuous deployment

We don’t simply build and ship a product and then move onto the next project. We provide custom hosting, if you don’t have a solution in place, and employ continuous integration and continuous deployment to quickly test, develop and deploy new features with confidence. We also help position the product for success in the market, creating and executing a go-to-market plan when the product is ready.

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Assess and iterate
User research and testing, analysis

We assist with ongoing maintenance to the software, and we pull user data and gather user feedback, through interviews and surveys, to understand how individuals are using the product. We then use that information to draw conclusions and make recommendations for the next version of the product. This final stage eventually resets the process and moves us back to strategy.

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We keep things pretty Agile, working in sprints and iterating on design. This process creates collaboration with clear, consistent communication among our team and with clients, helping us build toward the best possible product.

Our software development toolbelt

We build custom web and mobile apps using numerous programming languages and methodologies, depending on the need, client and customer. Regardless of the product and requirements, we are committed to writing clean, elegant code.

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